Swift Fox Reintroduction

Cochrane Ecological Institute’s Swift Fox Reintroduction programs began in 1972 under the direction of Beryl and Miles Smeeton. Since that time 0ver 800 Swift fox were reintroduced to the Canadian Prairie. This has resulted in the Species being downlisted by the Canadian Government from Extirpated to Endangered.

In 1998 the CEI was invited by the Blackfeet Tribal Fish and Wildlife Department, Browning, Montana to join in a partnership to start the first swift fox re-introduction in the USA on the Blackfeet Tribal Lands. Defenders of Wildlife also became partners in this project and the first swift foxes were released on Blackfeet land in the fall of 1998.This program continued until 2003.

Te CEI was requested to design and implement a Swift Fox reintroduction program on Blood reserve lands in Alberta Canada in 2003.  This resulted in only a 2year program because of complications resulting from permitting problems and the new Species at Risk Act in Canada.

This swift fox reintroduction program has provided unique opportunities for interested volunteers, as well as undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students.

Reports on these programmes can be downloaded below.

Canadian Program

Blackfeet Program

Blood Tribe Program Program