LOCAL volunteers

WHAT would you like to do for us? What are your skills? For example, the big windstorm we just had knocked down a whole bunch of trees and some of them hit the old bear enclosure (one big one hit the house but we have sorted that out) so we have to take them down, buck them up and stack the wood somewhere out of the way and then repair the fence…so if anyone enjoys working with a chainsaw!!!  Or do you like working  in a group, a work party type thing? We will need help getting ready for the Christmas Tree Event.  If any of this kind of thing interests you, Please contact Clio (cei@nucleus.com) AND Lisa (biodiversity4u@gmail.com)
Or do you enjoy doing publicity and press related stuff? Or writing Grant applications?? Or editing video? Tell us what you would enjoy and how you think you could help us out!

Application Process

Cochrane Ecological Institute, CEI, welcomes Volunteers, Interns, and Students. We have had participants in our programs from over 20 countries and 30 universities and schools. For interns we have participatory learning experiences. For Volunteers we have places for individuals who just want the experience of caring for animals. For students from the Bachelor to Ph.D. level we offer guided research projects. All of our participants are housed on site at a small fee to cover utilities. Our selection process is rigorous and you MUST contact us by email to begin the process. Please fill out and submit the form below and provide us with your name, education level, age, your length of stay and expectations for your stay at CRI. We will be back to you with a detailed outline of our expectations for interns and students and begin the selection process.

NEW Volunteer Requirements

Because of recent changes in our insurance coverage for both casual volunteers and live in volunteers we are no longer able to accept Volunteers who are under 20 years of age. It also means that persons under 18 cannot volunteer while accompanying their parents on site.


Over the past summer there has been a dramatic change in the VISA requirements for Volunteers, Students and Interns entering Canada.

The first change is that now all people entering Canada who do not have a Canadian or US passport MUST have an Electronic Travel Authority (eTA).

These can be obtained online and cost $7.00 CND.

The second change is that students, interns and volunteers now need a work permit. Although CEI does not consider this work and there is no salary the government of Canada does consider it work and insist a work permit is required. This new requirement will cost all students, interns and volunteers $230 CND for the work permit and $150 CND for the application.

The work permits are obtained by CRI and details can be found on the following web site http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/iec/index.asp.

CEI was made aware of these changes last summer when two of our people, a student and a volunteer, were refused entry to Canada and returned to their home country. To avoid this occurring in the future the work permits MUST be obtained before entry to Canada.

For examples of the CEI Research and past Student/ Intern projects, Click Here