When designing the Grizzly Cub Enclosure one feature was most always mentioned by the facilities we sought advice from.  This was the enclosure had to be isolated from all buildings and other facilities.  With this in mind the enclosure was sited over 100 m. from the nearest building and in an area which was completely surrounded by trees. 

The north east corner of the enclosure situated over 100 m from the nearest building.

The southern end of the enclosure is even more isolated with the closest facility a Black Bear Cub Enclosure approximately 150 m. away.

South end of enclosure.

The surrounding vegetation in of three types old growth white spruce forest, mixed white spruce and trembling aspen and grassy meadow.  Between the enclosure and other facilities is an area of white spruce averaging 30 m high.  The visual isolation is shown by the video  below.  The drone flies along the west fence line from south to north,  the camera then turns and the drone flies north to south with the camera  pointing toward the other CEI facilities.  Finally the drone raises to above the canopy showing the distance to the other facilities.

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