The main structure in the Grizzly Bear Cub  Enclosure aside from the fencing is the Grizzly House.  This is a purpose designed building to house the young bear cubs and provide protection for the infrastructure of the facility.  The design of the building is simple but effective and provides a safe and secure place for the cubs and a safe place for staff to feed, observe and administer needed care to the cubs.  The plan is shown here.

The roof exterior and interior bear area are all sheathed with metal cladding.  This provides a surface that Grizzly bear Cubs can not climb and is virtually indestructible.   The building had large windows that are covered on the inside with 50 mm X 50 mm welded wire mesh.  The interior door to the bear area is a steel Fire Door weighing 45 kg.  The entrance to the bear area from the enclosure is constructed of 5 mm plate steel and is raised and lowered by a hand operated winch.  The building is built on a concrete pad 150 mm thick.

The interior of the building has two areas.  The utility area containing the personnel entrance to the building the the enclosure and the electrical box and Electric Fence Energizer.  The second area is where the Grizzly cubs will be initially housed and cared for.  This area has a steel guillotine door to the exterior enclosure, a steel door to the utility area and id clad with metal.   When in use the area will also house individual housing units for the Grizzly Cubs and enhancement features, such as logs.

Bear door to enclosure.
Window in Grizzly cub area.
Steel fire door between Grizzly Cub area and utility area.

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