The weather finally cooperated and the soil dried enough to allow the fencing equipment to get to the site.  The fence posts were completed on June 4 the fence installation began on July 20.  Yes it has been a wet year.

The fencing wire is 20/96/6 Heavy Galvanized Game Fence.  The corner posts are 6 5/8″ Sch. 40 Galvanized pipe and the fence posts are 2 7/8″ Sch. 40 Galvanized pipe.  All posts are set 4 ft. into the ground and cemented into place.

Installed fence posts.

The fencing wire was then placed on the posts by machine and held in place with temporary fasteners.

The fencing wire was permanently attached to each of the 160 posts using 7 high tensile wire fastens per post.

Five insulators were then fastened to the inside of the fence posts with self tapping screws and three insulators were fastened to the inward facing overhang.

Ncext 8 strands of high tensile electrical wire were strung through the insulators, 5 on the posts and three on the overhang.  The fence energizer was then installed in the utility area of the Grizzly Cub House and attached to the fence.

The use of electric fence to control bear cubs may be questioned.  The benefits are:

  1. It takes only one encounter for a CUB to learn not to challenge a fence.

  2. It is a lesson learned by the CUB that lasts a life time.

  3. It is not dangerous for the CUB and causes them no damage.

  4. The electrified fence protects the CUBS from predators that may enter the enclosure if the fence were not present.

  5. Cubs trained to the electric fence will avoid areas enclosed by these fences (cattle, horses, bees, etc) after their release.

Finally the double gated entrance to the enclosure was installed.  This was 12 ft. wide and 30 ft. long to allow for the safe passage of a pickup truck towing a medium sized trailer.

The last task in the enclosure fencing is the installation of the ground wire.  This is a minimum of 4 ft. wide chain link fencing fastened to the bottom of the vertical fencing and buried.   The enclosure has 1600 ft of fencing so this is a monumental job.  Thank everyone for our loyal volunteers.

The disturbed ground immediately outside the fence line has been seeded with a pipeline reclamation mix.  Once the ground wire is completely installed we will seed the disturbed ground inside the fence with reclamation mix and clover.

The final feature to be constructed will be a wadding pool in the middle of the 4 acre enclosure. This will be done the first week of August when we have an excavator on site.

We would like to provide a big thank you to Lynx Brand Fencing Calgary for the professional job they did on the fencing and electrical system for the fence.

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